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Why Should Your Dental Practice Bother Posting on Social Media?

Why should a dental practice bother posting on social media?

We get this question soooo many times. We also get similar variations including:

– I have enough patients, so why bother advertising on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram etc.

– I’m not on social media

– so I’m not going to set it up for my practice.

– I don’t know how it works and I am too busy to learn.

– My niece/nephew/family member/neighbor can do it for me (but they aren’t…)

Okay, you get the point…

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Here we are going to explain the 5 reasons why it’s important that your dental practice have a presence on social media, whether you are at capacity or are actively looking for new patients.

1. Your Patients are on social media – what a great reminder to your patients to schedule a dental cleaning, teeth whitening, implants and/or other dental services with a non-intimidating social post. You can also share any specials/discounts on service, or they may even learn about different services they didn’t even know your practice offered. You get to stay top of mind without having to use more direct methods of advertising including e-mails, phone calls, texts, etc. All of those things are good, but social media is a much softer “sell”.

Internet Dentist Memes: The Laughter Behind The Teeth | Triadent ...

2. You’re Dental Practice Social Media Pages Rank on Google – that’s right! Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google My Business rank page 1 on Google 9 times out of 10 when people are searching for your practice and look for your name. You want to make sure those social profiles are not only complete, but active! No activity when searching may make patients think you are no longer in business! Some won’t bother to call!! There can also be missed opportunities from new patients and referred patients who search for your practice. Being present, now more than ever, is invaluable.

3. Provide Quality Information To Your Patients – on social media you can have conversations with your patients and potential new patients that they may be embarrassed to have in person. Maybe they are suffering from some serious ailments and have questions before they come in. Giving another avenue of communication besides phone and e-mail is a plus to capture as many local individuals as you can.

Internet Dentist Memes: The Laughter Behind The Teeth | Triadent ...

4. Tap Into A New Audience – Social media provides the opportunity to connect with locals that aren’t familiar with you or your practice. You may have the best service, staff, levels of cleanliness, state of the art equipment, but if you aren’t sharing it with a new audience, by showing pictures, videos, etc. how will they know? Social media is a great place to showcase your practice to a brand new group of individuals you may not be able to meet otherwise, especially now with the COVID pandemic and the social distancing restrictions.

5. Humanize Your Practice – Social media allows your business the opportunity to engage with others online. You can ask questions to engage your audience and promote health dialog. This helps patients see your practice as more than just that dentist I see for a cleaning every 6 months. They can really become even ambassadors for you! By having social media profiles at their fingertips they can tag your practice in local groups and refer you new customers! But you have to make it easy for them to remember you! Posting on a regular schedule helps with staying top of mind.

Funny Dentist Meme - LAUGHTARD

“Be nice to your dentist. He has fillings too.” 

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