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Marketing Your Business During COVID-19

With so many businesses having to close their doors due to COVID-19 aka Coronavirus, slow production and lay off employees, it can be a struggle to even fathom thinking of marketing or running promotions for re-launching at this time. However, this pandemic will not last forever, and if your business “disappears”, potential clients will most likely patronize those businesses that were present online.

The internet is one of the only places where most can go to get “away” during this time of quarantine, whether on their iPhone, PC, Mac, iPad, etc. People are using social media to check the news, on friends, and family, and even post Tik Tok videos, and it’s important that your business be there too!

Here’s Cody’s Tik Tok During Quarantine FT his Abuela to come pick him up.

Social media also allows your business the opportunity to show the precautions you and your employees are taking to stay safe and healthy and keep the virus from spreading and to flatten the curve. You can even let your existing clients know the best ways to reach you and manage expectations for the future.

Letting your clients know that you are still in business and spreading messages of hope and positivity throughout the COVID-19 pandemic can go a long way to help keep existing business relationships nurtured. Now is not the time to “ghost” your brand!

If you are one of the businesses experiencing downtime, it may be a good time to re-visit some of the social media platforms you’re on and see what is working best. In this way, you can come up with a strategy moving forward. It’s also a good time to work on business automation, perhaps read an audiobook on good business practices, etc. Work on your business instead of in it!

Doing “Live” videos is also racing up in popularity. Showing your vulnerabilities can be terrifying but right now almost everyone is feeling the anxiety of this pandemic. It’s okay to be vulnerable and share what is happening in your life and business, the un-edited version…

Here are examples of companies that are staying in touch and not letting the pandemic have them lose marketing momentum!

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic seemed far away until this last week. Then rumors started to spread, closely…

Posted by Klein HR Solutions on Monday, March 16, 2020

Here is some marketing wisdom from several local South Florida business owners:

“Now more than ever it’s important to have your business stay visible using different marketing efforts. There’s a few reasons for that. Firstly, you want new clients who need your service to be able to still find you, as well as reassuring existing clients that your business is up and running and you can still be contacted. Be authentic, solve a problem, lend a hand, create something beautiful. The only time is now.”

Lauren Britz – Agency Owner/Creative Director/Lead Photographer

“I think it’s critical to let clients know we are there for them not only now during the pandemic, but more importantly, for when things get back to “normal”.  Even the “new normal” will require old fashioned marketing/advertising…keeping our name in front of the client!   Whether they are existing OR potential clients, they need to know we will always be there for them.”

Doug Bressler – Owner – Image Plus Graphics

“Now more than ever, attention to digital is at an all time high with non-essential business closures and the majority of people under stay-at-home mandates. These uncertain times can be an opportunity for us to change our approach to support and serve in the short term and yield new business wins in the future.”

Allison Duine – Owner/Award-Winning Graphic Designer – Intersection Online

“Economic downturns have a way of separating the wheat from the chaff. Those with flexible business models, high margins, and rock-solid value propositions will be in a better position to make it through the storm. Now is a great time to do some reflection and be innovative. How can you lean down and increase operational efficiencies? How will this time change the way you save and plan your finances? How can you interpret the circumstances to become a better leader and business owner?”

Lucas Summer – Owner – Mountain Peak Marketing

“When business comes back, we want to make sure our clients and prospects remember us. Social and direct-mail marketing are two of the best ways to do that right now.”

Arthur Mickelson – Owner – Bic Pens

Now is the time to set your business up for future success!

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