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It’s Sunday Evening and I’m Feeling InspiredšŸ¤©

We are so programmed that working hours are 9 – 5 Monday – Friday, with nights and weekends to do our personal things. What happens when at Sunday night at 9:30pm you get a burst of inspiration? Do you journal it and then maybe think about it during business hours. Probably not. You can turn on Netflix or go for a drive because hey, you’re not being paid to be inspired except during the regular schedule. Everything has its’ pros and cons and I guess that would be one of them. How many times have you been uninspired during the day only to become fully enlightened when it’s not the right time. Then again, who decided originally that Monday – Friday 9 – 5 is when business should be conducted?

According to Wikipedia – The eight-hour day movement or 40-hour week movement, also known as the short-time movement, was a social movement to regulate the length of a working day, preventing excesses and abuses. It had its origins in the Industrial Revolution in Britain, where industrial production in large factories transformed working life. The use of child labor was common. The working day could range from 10 to 16 hours, and the work week was typically six days a week.

This was back in the 1800’s.

Last time I checked, it’s 2019.

Of course there are industries that don’t follow these rules. The airline industry, hospitals, hospitality and more don’t adhere to that norm. They work nights, weekends, holidays, overtime, etc. However, if you’re not in one of those fields you’re more likely than not confined to that strict work day. More and more employers are getting on board with a flexible workday, depending on the position of course. I can’t wait until that becomes the societal norm. The day when most don’t have to deal with the hassle of a hellish commute. Perhaps had a rough nights sleep and can’t be 1 minute late because of the pressure to be on time. Our society has to change. This could be the first step in a positive direction. The working conditions have changed, and many positions can be done from home or alternate locations.

People become more and more technology dependent everyday. The good thing about this is a lot of tasks can be automated to save time, make less mistakes and be more productive. So why not take advantage of this, setup the right processes, be able to produce more and save time to spend with family and friends. Life is too short to spend just slaving away in a cubicle. Why not take advantage of the technology available? Have your cake and eat it too!

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