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Guest Blogger | Mitch Summer – Minute Marketing Productions

Hi, I’m Mitch (aka Mr. Sarcasm) the bald headed guy in all of the pictures here on this blog where Marilyn and I visit local South Florida coffee shops to determine which are best to work from, as well as get a good cup of coffee.

I started losing my hair in my mid-twenties at a time when it was not so fashionable to be bald but lucky for me now it’s hard to keep the ladies away, lol.

I have been enjoying spending time with my close friend Marilyn in our journey of being coffee shop groupies.

When you’re an entrepreneur I think it is important that you change up your working environment especially out in public where you get to meet new people who may become friends or even future clients. That’s the part that gets me all caffeinated about.  (Wink).

It’s really kind of cool that you can be working your business while hanging with a good friend and then when you least expect it, BAM! Someone asks you “What do you guys do”. Of course, I reply with a sarcastic smile, “ I am so glad you asked”

All kidding aside I so look forward to continuing this journey with Marilyn. It has been super fun and our friendship has gotten stronger.

Oh and so far my most memorable experience was a few weeks ago when one day I was at my favorite local specialty coffee shop Lady & the Mug in Coral Springs.  When I walked in there were two police officers sitting at the same table I normally sit at when I am there and I proceeded to tell one of the officers that he was in MY seat. He looked at me with a smile and said, “ Yea so what are you going to do about it?”  I then thought to myself for a second and responded Nothing.  We both laughed and wished each other a happy holiday.

My friend Ronnie who was there as well preceded to tell me that the guy I called out was the new Broward County Sheriff… lol

As the coffee shops continue to grow their coffee beans, Marilyn & I continue to Grow our businesses. 

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