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*ADOPTED – Foster Dog | Brewster

Brewster is an 8 year old American Staff. He is our very first foster! We’re hosting him for Thanksgiving and a few days after.

Brewsters Back Story: his owner had him since he was a puppy and came across hard times 6 months ago, lost his place, and was living in his truck.

He came to the shelter to give up Brewster and was told the shelter was full and to come back in a week when they had room for him. So he drove away angry and threw the dog out of his truck where someone saw this whole thing go down, picked up Brewster and brought him to the shelter 😞.

Brewster is an awesome dog. 🐕 He’s very light on his feet and well behaved. He’s been here 2 days and he hasn’t barked once, not even when someone’s at the door. But he is alert! He will let you know someone’s there.

Smaller in size (about 50 lbs) than the lunch buddies I’ve had before but so we’ll behaved. He’s a great dog for singles or families. He has a lot of energy but can also sit and nap 😴. He has a little snore which is so cute.

When I opened the car door he jumped right in and after a few minutes laid down in the back seat.

He’s been in the shelter for about 6 months now and could really use a forever home! He loves to play and get belly rubs, oh and nap! He’s a great napping buddy.

If you have room in your home and your heart, please consider giving this older gentleman a home 🏡 for the holidays and beyond.

@Lbritzphoto & Brewster

He’s being held at the Broward County Animal Care and Adoption Center

Taking a selfie 🤳

Brewster is part of their pet project since he’s been in the Shelter since June which means he has no adoption fee, free food and vaccinations plus discounted veterinary care for his lifetime. ✅.

Taking a bath at Pet Supermarket

He loves getting baths, he was so good the entire time! 🐕😊❤️

Getting life advice from Lauren

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