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Eternity Coffee Roasters | Guest Blog by Mari Ribeiro – Ribero Law Firm

As a business & trademark attorney, one of my go-to spots for a caffeinated pick-me-up is Eternity Coffee Roasters. It’s a family-owned coffee shop in the heart of Downtown Miami. It’s one of my favorite spots because they are right across the street from my law firm and always make for a nice coffee break in between client meetings.  Their coffee beans are grown on their own farms in Colombia and they also source beans around the globe. Obviously, this bringing a unique aspect to this cozy coffee shop that only locals know about. And let me tell you, these roasters are serious about their brews!

The ambiance inside the shop is calm with huge velvet couches and wooden tables. Since it always buzzing with men and women in corporate attire holding an iced latte or a warm dark roast, it may be a bit difficult finding a table to set up at. Even with a full house, the noise level was nothing to complain about. No matter where you sit, you always have an awesome view of the huge red coffee roasting machine in the front corner of the store, giving it a cool “behind the scenes” look of the cup of joe you’re sipping on.  

The staff is always super friendly and helpful in explaining the different blends and options, which is so refreshing since they offer PLENTY of different caffeinated drinks. The best part about it all is that you can purchase a bag of their coffee beans in-store or online to brew the coffee yourself at home or work! So, if you don’t have the time to stop over to a coffee shop, this may be a great option for you.

Personally, I like to go to Eternity Coffee Roasters to get a chai latte with a side of a time-out from my busy day advising business clients on trademarks or contracts. Although I didn’t test the Wi-Fi speeds myself, there were a few coffee lovers working diligently on their laptops. This totally led me to believe that this coffee shop is a great spot to get some work done. I prefer to use this comfy little coffee shop to host a networking meeting with other lawyers, catch up with coworkers, or to just have a nice midday break.

If you are looking to enjoy some well-crafted coffee in Downtown Miami, be sure to swing by Eternity Coffee Roasters and check out their coffee. They truly care about every step of the coffee-making process, and it definitely shows in the finished product! If you run into me there, ask me about protecting your brand with a trademark over a cold brew.

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