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Cool Out of the Box 📦 Places To Work From in Broward County 🌴

There’s been some really great places that I’ve visited during my Best Coffee Shops To Work From in South Florida blog research with Mitch (read that blog here –, however, during my journey I’ve come across places that are great to work from, have coffee, WiFi and ample plugs but aren’t coffee shops!

So, I thought it would be fitting to write a separate blog for those places, they also deserve recognition! Some of them are really cool, and at the moment don’t show up in Google searches as good places to work from. I’m going to change that right now! Let’s support these local businesses too.

Big Bear Brewing – Coral Springs, FL

Mitch and I setting up our mobile offices at Big Bear

When I suggested to Mitch that we go to Big Bear it was because they have an awesome veggie burger that I was in the mood for. They also have a killer beer cheese soup.

Little did I know that they also have bag holders, outlets, and free WiFi at the bar! What a pleasant surprise that was!

We quickly set up our mobile offices and started working. Testing the WiFi speed, and of course the coffee.

But first lunch…

Lettuce 🥬 bun veggie burger 🍔 with sweet potato fries

Lunch was so delicious – we basically ordered the same thing except Mitch will not give up his bun. 😆 I also keep everything on my burger where he just likes onions and mustard.

Times before I have also ordered their beer cheese soup in a bread bowl (AMAZING!), the 🦞Lobster Mac and Cheese 🧀 and also the house salad 🥗 – all highly recommended.

One of the nice things about this community staple (they’ve been in business 25+ years) is that you’ll get your order the same way… every single time!

Big Bear Brewing Cappuccino

Back to business…the WiFi was very fast, the food was delicious as always, and the staff was just so friendly and welcoming, with a touch of sarcasm which Mitch and I both appreciate.

The only Downside: the WiFi is on a 2 hour timer, so once it kicks you off you’ll have two options. Move to another location or connect from your mobile hotspot.

So would I come back and work from Big Bear 🐻? That’s an absolute YES!!

TV’s in the bathroom! Great if you’re keeping tabs on a game score!

Great food, yummy cappuccinos, nice service, fast WiFi, oh and really clean bathrooms, makes this place a great place to grab some food, coffee and do some good work!

Wall of Articles written about Big Bear Brewery.
See you again soon Big Bear Brewery! 🐻

If you have any suggestions of places that would be cool to work from in Broward or Palm Beach County please leave a comment on this post!



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