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Best Coffee Shops☕ To Work from in South Florida🌴

H there fellow entrepreneurs and digital nomads! If you’re anything like me you know the feeling of going stir crazy from sitting in your home office in your jammies, maybe not having showered all day, or 2 days….or 3…because you haven’t had to leave the comforts of home. While this is an awesome perk, it can get L-O-N-E-L-Y!

When you start having company meetings by yourself it may be time to take your laptop out for some sun. But then it’s like, where do I even go?

While the thought of renting an office space sounds good in theory, I also like my home office and not having to commute if I don’t need to. I would feel pressured to use a co-working space or office space and I’m not about that life. However, a change of scenery also does wonders for the creative mind and is extremely needed at times.

I thought there would be tons of options of places for us to go work from but it has been a struggle coming up with new places to go to every day. I’ve scoured Google and Yelp! to help me find cool, fun places with WiFi to go to, but unless you go down to Fort Lauderdale or up to Boca Raton the options are LIMITED.

So my fellow small business owner Mitch and I hit the road with our laptops, phones & chargers to see what’s out there for people like us in South Florida that need a semi-quiet place to work, have client calls and even host meetings.

Aroma Joes – Pompano Beach, FL

Aroma Joe’s in Pompano Beach is a nice place to set up a mobile office and spend the day. There was plenty of parking, seating, the WiFi was pretty fast and the service was good. There are outlets that are very convenient and I was able to plug in my surface and work without any issues.

There weren’t as many food options as some of the other shops we’ve been to, but the friendly staff and delicious coffees and teas make up for that!

This was one of the only places I noticed that does delivery which is pretty cool, and they also have a drive-through if you’re in a rush and just want to grab something to go. There are lots of beverage options here, so the most difficult part was choosing what to drink. I can get overwhelmed easy so I decided to keep it simple and order a green tea.

I appreciate the holiday touches they have around the shop. The bathrooms were very clean and the music pleasant. You could easily take a call or have an in-person meeting without a problem inside. The staff is very friendly, if they see you are busy working they will leave you be until you come back around to them. It’s nice to get service with a smile.

Only one downside of our trip to Aroma Joe’s – they have a really cute patio in the back and I was looking forward to sitting there especially with the gorgeous weather we’ve been having recently but wasn’t able to enjoy it at all. There were about 5 – 6 bees swarming around back there and we had to make our way back inside really quickly.

Don’t let that deter you from stopping in and grabbing a coffee and a sandwich, bagel or pastry. This place is on my list of places I wouldn’t hesitate to come work from again when I am in the area.

The Alchemist – Wilton Manors, FL

Total disclosure: I’ve been to The Alchemist before. When we were deciding to try different places to work from this location was at the top of my list. Honestly, it is one of my favorite places to visit in South Florida. The Alchemist has something for everyone, even the pickiest eaters. It is a little pricey but you get what you pay for. They grind the coffee fresh while you wait, and the food is prepared on the spot. There is indoor and outdoor seating and is pet-friendly.

The indoor area is a little small, but it has a private room off to the side that is a quiet nook where you can take calls or study.

Outside is where it’s at. They are fully equipped with quick WiFi, plenty of outlets, and have completely shaded areas with natural trees and plants and plenty of seating. When you’re there It feels like your on vacation on a tropical island.

We ordered coffees and started our day. Their coffee must have hot chocolate in it which made it taste sooooo delicious. I’m not a big coffee drinker but that coffee they served me was made with love. It was freakin’ GOOD!

People came and went but there was never an issue with noise. Also, some good looking people go, which made for some good people watching!

There’s also plenty of room to walk around, a couple of restaurants next door and if you walk towards the back of the compound there are antiques hanging outside and tasteful graffiti art in the back, perfect for an urban style photoshoot!

Noon came we ordered lunch which was really tasty and filling. We spent the entire day here and I was able to get lots of good work done without any interruption. Hands down will absolutely be back to work from here.

Pro Tip: Wear long pants if you decide to sit at the picnic table in the back. My legs got torn up with bug bites, but I am prone to it. Guess it must be my sweet blood…

Carmela’s Coffee – Parkland, FL

Parkland was a little far from me (about a 25-minute drive from Fort Lauderdale), however, Carmela’s Coffee didn’t disappoint. This cute and surprisingly large coffee shop offers a really nice variety of coffees, teas, desserts and health food options.

We found a table in the back near this awesome entire wall chalkboard with lots of motivational 1 liners!

I appreciated their sense of humor in the restroom..I mean who does that anyway?? 🙂

And of course the extremely large bag of coffee beans. All entrepreneurs need one this size just for themselves…

My one piece of advice if you do decide to eat, drink and work from Carmela’s in Parkland is to bring a sweater. The AC works great inside, so it does get a little chilly.

They have another location in Pompano Beach which I also look forward to checking out soon.

Chez Cafe – Pompano Beach, FL

I was so excited to take Mitch to Blooming Bean Coffee Roasters which I have been to before but found out that they have closed. Such a bummer!

Mitch came to the rescue when he stumbled across Chez Cafe after an extensive Google search (of about 5 minutes) and suggested we go. I hesitated as the photos on their Facebook page didn’t look too appealing but decided to go in the name of research, and boy was I pleasantly surprised.

I’m not going to sugar coat it, it’s on a major road and the neighborhood is a little rachet…but, inside it reminds me of a diner, dives and drive-ins kind of place. A little dingy and dark at first, but when the girls at the front greet you and take your order it feels brighter. The prices are CHEAP, the food is fresh and delicious and they have a really good healthy selection, but they also have good mood food too. There’s something for everyone. They even have a drive-through which I think is so cool.

The owner was there and came to greet us. She is super sweet and friendly and even sat and talked to us a while. I ended up inviting my hubby David & friend Magdalena to come join us and they got some good paninis, soups, and salads.

The internet was lagging, but the owner said that’s normally not the case. I will take her word for it and definitely come back to work from here and bring friends. I’ll probably even come on off days just to grab a bite to eat. For the price and quality of the food, you can’t beat it! The chicken salad I had tasted like my mom’s, and that is no easy feat! I was very impressed.

Lady and the Mug – Coral Springs

When you want a totally instagrammable place with lightning-fast WiFi, the best Chai Tea Latte I’ve ever experienced, and yummy pastries you should head over to Lady and the Mug in Coral Springs. This local hangout has regular patrons flocking to grab a drink and hang out with friends.

I’ve had business meetings here, met friends to catch up and take some pics, and also just come by myself to get work done after networking events or to get some time out of the house. I have been a regular here for about a year now (time flies when you’re having fun!), and Lady and the Mug never disappoints.

There are various laptop setup options available when I work here, including a long high top table (with plenty of outlets for all my chargers), regular low top tables with benches on one side, and also outside seating. It does get loud sometimes as it is a smaller space, but there is plenty of room outside to take calls and walk around in the plaza.

Lady and the Mug is a local treasure and I am so grateful to Mitch for introducing me to this place. It will always be a staple to come work from when I’m not scouring for new places.

Farmer’s Table – Boca Raton

I wasn’t planning to add Farmer’s Table to this list since technically it’s not a coffee shop, however, they do serve coffee, espresso, and lattes plus they have free WiFi as well as places to plug in your laptop. I thought it was only fair with all these great attributes plus delicious and healthy food options to add them to the list.

I planned a breakfast meeting here this morning and though it ended up not happening, it allowed me to connect with the staff and pay attention to all the details that surround this awesome restaurant. It has plenty of room, plus dining areas that offer more privacy if needed.

The waiter came around and took my order but it’s like he anticipated what I wanted before I even asked. It was a really nice experience. He offered popular suggestions and left me to do my thing when he saw I was in full “work” mode.

I had a very simple breakfast that morning just two scrambled eggs, toast and a chai tea latte but it was perfect for me. They do have an extensive menu with options like avocado toast, omelets, whole-grain pancakes and more.

If you’re in the area Farmer’s Table is definitely a place to consider to get a delicious meal without the guilt, or even a cocktail if that’s your thing, and plug away on the laptop. It does get loud during busy times so calls may have to be taken outside. Other than that the WiFi is really fast, the service is fantastic and the food definitely helps make this one of my favorite places to work out of in Boca.

Ella Cafe – Plantation, FL

Thanks to the recommendation of David from IG: @Image2Site Mitch and I ventured down to Plantation to check out Ella Cafe.

This place has a very cool vibe! Unfortunately today was unseasonably cold so I don’t feel I was able to enjoy this place to its full potential. However, when I ordered my cafe con leche with macadamia nut milk life got a little warmer. The coffee was PERFECT! Hot but not burning, delicious and very flavorful. They also include a butter cookie with ever coffee order which is a nice touch.

Ella Cafe does offer reserved seating which is cool, unless you don’t have a reservation. But there was plenty of seating for a place this size. They really maximized the seating arrangement. It’s a little tight but there’s enough room to find a place and work. We even had someone offer to share their table with us.

The food options looked amazing! We ended up leaving before lunch though just because it was just too cold! But we’ll definitely have to come back and experience the grub. Will update this post when that happens.

They have 3 different WiFi networks to choose from which I assume is to keep the internet speedy. Though not the fastest internet it was enough to send out some emails and post on social media.

The music inside was very loud, so if you plan to come work from here I highly suggest wearing noise-canceling headphones. There is a lot of foot traffic at Ella’s, the line was consistent line from the time we walked in until we left!

If you’re looking for a quiet place to work I wouldn’t recommend Ella’s Cafe, but if you want to get a great cup of coffee and to meet some cool people in a hipster style coffee house then it’s definitely worth taking the drive over!

Carmela Coffee Company, Pompano Beach, FL

It’s not a typo – there are two Carmela Coffee Company locations, one in Parkland and their newest in Pompano Beach.

Pondering important life decisions..

This place is awesome. The minute I walked in I was greeted and tended to immediately. I was even asked if it was too cold and they adjusted the AC temperature for me. I felt like the most important customer in the place! I think Mitch tipped her off that I was writing a coffee shop blog… 😝(jk).

Mitch hard at work!

I ordered a regular coffee with oat milk and sat to answer some e-mails. WiFi was on point! Very speedy and efficient, easy to access!

The coffee shop is in a cozy environment but has plenty of room to spread out. Very accessible location right on Powerline and offers plenty of parking.

They have a plethora of food options and pastries for all taste buds and appetites!

I will definitely be back soon to grab a bite to eat. One of the customers ordered the avocado toast and it looked and smelled amazing, but I felt a bit too awkward to ask for a pic. I was already salivating over his food.

As I continue my journey of places to work from in South Florida I will keep updating this blog. If you have any suggestions of where I should go next please let me know in the comments section!

Stay tuned!


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