The Importance of Instagram Storytelling

Instagram is a great visual platform where businesses of all types can go online and share their story.  There is a formula required to make your Instagram feed work for you. It’s simple yet effective. The beauty of Instagram is it allows you to connect with an audience around the world no matter where you’re located. Also if you’re a local business you’re able to target consumers that live in your area!

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Instagram is key for pretty much any type of business out there. Humans are visual creatures and they crave not just words but also great, attention-grabbing images and video to keep their focus on your brand/product. You have 5 seconds to create an impression about your brand, make sure they count!

Connecting with your customers is a huge benefit to using Insta!  Forrester Research discovered that Instagram generates 120 more engagement per follower than Twitter!  With Instagram, you can ask people what they think of a product or service you haven’t launched yet to see if they love it or hate it, before spending $ pushing it out. If you have a brick and mortar business using your audience to give you feedback can save you time, $ and heartache over a failed product.

Using hashtags on your posts is key to reaching the right audience. Hashtags are the way businesses are able to find your business and interact with your newsfeed. It can help you introduce your business to consumers who weren’t aware of your location or your items for sale. Your posts can also be shared across different social media and marketing channels. So it’s a great way to cross-promote good deals and get them visible to the right people.

Make sure your feed isn’t all buy me, use my product, my service is the best. If you’re product or service is the best available let it sell itself. No one likes having advertisements shoved down their throats all the time.


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